RV Rental Listing Class C

Affordable RV

Sleep up to 8

Perfect for family

Affordable RV

Class C RVs are the middle ground between Class A and Class C. They look like a larger version of the van camper with an overhead cabin above the driver and passenger seats for extra sleeping or storage accommodations.

Class C RVs range from 30 to 33 feet long. Class C RVs give you more space than Class B and come with all the luxuries you'd expect in a Class A.

These types of motorhomes are perfect for couples or a group of friends looking to hit the road. The affordability of the Class C makes it a popular option for those looking to get started in RVing without investing in a towing vehicle to hit the road. Class C are also a popular "timeshare" option for families who split time in the motorhome but go in on it financially to split the costs.

This RV type also offers the cabin over the driver and passenger seats, giving you more storage or another sleeping space for travelers.

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