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After ten years, the United States Navy Blue Angels are back, to perform at the California International Airshow THIS weekend, March 23rd & 24th at the Salinas Municipal Airport! Not only will you be able to experience the thrill of watching the U.S. Navy Blue Angels perform over the skies of Salinas, but you’ll also be able to see their planes up close, as they will be flying FROM the Salinas Municipal Airport… that’s right, they’ll be taking off and landing in Salinas!

In 1946, the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Chester Nimitz, had the vision to create a flight exhibition team in order to raise the public’s interest in naval aviation and boost Navy morale. In the 1940s, the Blue Angels thrilled audiences with their precision combat maneuvers in the F6 Hellcat, the F8 Bearcat and the F9 Panther. During the 1950s, they refined their demonstration with aerobatic maneuvers in the F9 Cougar and F-11 Tiger and introduced the first six-plane delta formation, still flown to this day. By the end of the 1960s, the Blue Angels were flying the F-4 Phantom, the only two-seat aircraft flown by the delta formation. In 1974, they transitioned to the A-4 Skyhawk, a smaller and lighter aircraft with a tighter turning radius allowing for a more dynamic flight demonstration. In 1986, the Blue Angels celebrated their 40th Anniversary by unveiling the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet, which they still fly to this day.

This year’s airshow also includes the return of fan-favorite Robosaurus, the world’s largest transformer! Robosaurus is a 30-ton, fire-breathing, transforming T-Rex that eats cars and planes for an afternoon snack.

Also performing will be Team Oracle, featuring Sean D. Tucker and Jessy Panzer, Jerry Conley and the Vampire Jet, Eric Tucker, the Smoke & Thunder Jet Truck, the Jess Rodriguez Sky Diving team and the Wall of Fire!

The Airshow will be held on March 23rd & 24th at the Salinas Airport. For more information, visit www.salinasairshow.com. The California International Airshow has provided outstanding entertainment on the Central Coast for 38 years. Over those 39 years, the Airshow has raised and distributed more than $8 million dollars to local charities.

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