RV Rental High Sierra Music Festival

High Sierra Music Festival     Quincy, CA

RV Rental High Sierra Music Festival

High Sierra Music Festival Camping and Parking Tips

There are a variety of camping options available for High Sierra Music Festival.  Tent camping (available first come, first served) is included in the cost of your festival pass. All campers must have a festival pass. Parking Passes (including RVs on and off-site) must be purchased separately.


Tent and RV options available. Camping is designated on a first come, first served basis. If on-site camping is at capacity, off-site camping with shuttling will be provided. The fairgrounds have permanent restrooms and showers, and we supplement the facilities with ample portable toilets, a shower trailer, and a portable sink unit. Camping at High Sierra can be quite cozy, especially in the more popular areas such as Shady GroveHillside and Big Meadow.

Family Camp - it is a more kid-friendly environment in the eastern end of the Shady Grove campground (quieter late at night; louder early in the morning). An On-site Vehicle Pass is required for parking in Family Camp, and as always space is designated on a first come, first served basis, and fills up very quickly.  If you’ve got little ones in tow and you are interested in camping in Family Camp, let your shuttle driver or parking attendant know upon arrival.

We have the following RV rentals for you to choose. Each has a unique floor plan to allow us to meet the many needs of our customers. In addition, each RVs, passenger vans, campervans, trailers, and motorhomes in our inclusive event package plans is well prepared. From cookware to pillow, all of items is prepared as five star hotel style.

Some RV rentals are equipped with traditional sleeping arrangements such as bedrooms and couches, other coaches were previously used on tour by famous music acts and have numerous bunk beds. You are welcomed to contact us, and we will coordinate with our RV rental companies to work with you.

For any RV rental information, please email to [email protected]

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