RV Rental The Great Pacific Airshow

The Great Pacific Airshow     Huntington Beach, CA

RV Rental The Great Pacific Airshow

The Great Pacific Airshow is the best airshow in the US taking place in the best location - the pristine beaches of Huntington Beach, California. Drawing attendees from across Southern California, the US and beyond, The Great Pacific Airshow celebrates patriotism, adventure, and technology with dozens of performers completing incredible acrobatic feats. Produced by Huntington Beach-based creative + production agency Code Four,

The Great Pacific Airshow is a family-friendly, inspiring event that thrills people of all ages.

Since its launch in 2016, TGPA has seen an explosion in popularity year after year. In 2017 we had unprecedented attendance of more than 1.5 million people (!) making it the destination for the country’s best airshow experience.

The Great Pacific Airshow blends the excitement of extreme sports, high-tech aerial acrobatics, beachside surf nostalgia, and patriotism for an unforgettable experience in the sand.

In 2019 The Great Pacific Airshow will take another step forward and bring two million people together for a weekend in Huntington Beach to celebrate the splendor of Southern California living and the thrill of aviation.

We have the following RV rentals for you to choose. Each has a unique floor plan to allow us to meet the many needs of our customers. In addition, each RVs, passenger vans, campervans, trailers, and motorhomes in our inclusive event package plans is well prepared. From cookware to pillow, all of items is prepared as five star hotel style.

Some RV rentals are equipped with traditional sleeping arrangements such as bedrooms and couches, other coaches were previously used on tour by famous music acts and have numerous bunk beds. You are welcomed to contact us, and we will coordinate with our RV rental companies to work with you.

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